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Privacy Policy for this site


This site was made using the platform. As such, cookies are used by the software to ensure that the site functions correctly when you are navigating through it. A statement about the type of cookies being set by this website can be found here

Google Analytics is enabled on this site and allows me to understand certain global characteristics relating to my website visitors, such as what search terms were used to reach the site, from what browser, and from what kind of a device (mobile, tablet or desktop). I am also able to determine which pages on the site visitors are spending the most time accessing, and therefore what information here visitors are finding most compelling. This data is entirely anonymised and neither Google nor I am able to determine who individual site visitors are. Further details about how Google Analytics safeguards your identify and information can be found here.

Finally, there is a contact form on the 'Contact & Locations' page that will request your email address should you decide to get in touch. Your email address will, by default, be retained in my Gmail account and in my account until manually deleted by me.

December 2020

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