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Balint Group Leader work

I have always been interested in the subtle and complex interrelation between psychological processes, the body and physical illness. My work in primary care in east London over nearly a decade gave me first hand experience of the particular stresses being managed by GPs in their daily interactions with patients, and it was here that I became aware of, and interested in, the work of the Hungarian psychoanalyst Michael Balint.

Now an accredited Balint group leader, I co-lead an established GP Balint group in SE14 and run Balint groups for first year clinical medical students at St George's University of London Medical School in south London. I am also a member of Council of the UK Balint Society with a special interest in developing work with medical students and 'doctors in training'. 

If you would like to learn more, or are interested in joining our GP Balint group, please use the Contact tab above.

Michael and Enid Balint

Michael Balint and his wife Enid, who was a major figure in the development and promotion of Balint group work after Michael's death in 1970

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